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An Open Letter to BHS Director Dr. Bergmann regarding this year’s MHSA Annual Update

Last updated on May 15, 2023

UPDATE: A September 22nd version of the plan including active hyperlinks was updated on the county website sometime thereafter, almost a full week after I notified the BHS, and is available for your review.

Hi Dr. Bergmann,

It is beyond frustrating to learn that your office released the 2022-23 MHSA Annual Update without announcing it to the public, especially during the BHAB meeting held two weeks ago on September 1st 2022.

Given it was not publicly released I urge you to hold off the public hearing until the November 3rd meeting.

Further, simply posting the document on the internet is not a good faith effort to release the plan to the public. Not mentioning it in the one meeting each month dedicated to community involvement is also not a good-faith measure. Remaining silent when the issue of the lack of a plan being released during public comment period as I did is yet another lost opportunity to have clarified this situation.

Although I appreciate the direction we are moving with the Community Program Planning (CPP) processes, even with its many current shortcomings, seeing how this beyond-late annual ‘plan’ update is being handled is more than concerning, it’s alarming.

Another more technical concern is when I tried viewing sources in this MHSA Annual Update, I have yet to find a single URL that is actively hyperlinked to their internet-based source, rendering the document non-interactive. One could copy and paste many exposed URLs but, some key ones, where words are hyperlinked for instance, there is no way to identify what URL one must type in to view the associated resource. Current version:

I cc’d Dania as the BHAB Liaison and Kathleen as the new engagement lead, along with the Executive Board and MHSA Consumer and Family Liaisons’ in the hopes the URLs issue can be corrected immediately so we don’t lose even more time trying to understand what you have included in this plan, and that the Executive Board and you do indeed postpone the Public Hearing as requested.

Thank you!



Jerry Hall
reforming California’s behavioral health boards

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