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Is the 3-Year MHSA Plan Update sailing through once again more evidence stakeholders have little idea of their potential influence?

Per my public comment at the FY2024-25 Mental Health Services Act Public Hearing held yesterday, I summarized my comment here, which ideally will included with other written comments in the final plan submitted to the state:

My concern is that our Behavioral Health Advisory Board has not, in the past decade from my own experience, been provided an opportunity to collaborate with our Behavioral Health System, nor the ability to review and approve, as required by WIC 5604.2(4)(a) to “(4) (A) Review and approve the procedures used to ensure citizen and professional involvement at all stages of the planning process.” (our CPP plan.)

We are facing significant changes and challenges in the behavioral health marketplace. Without documenting and getting approval of our strategizing and planning earnest engagement with stakeholders, including utilizing available funds for training, educating, and bringing stakeholders up to speed so they can contribute, we are failing our community.

Until the BHAB has the ability to conduct its responsibilities mandated, and funded, through the MHSA/BHSA, then we are not meeting the requirements to receive or spend any Mental Health Fund monies under the Performance Contract we sign and submit each year.

My blog at explains more and I encourage stakeholders to connect. Thank you.


Here’s the FY2024-25 MHSA Program and Expenditures Plan Update and here’s a link to the Community Engagement Report alone, which was developed by UCSD Health and parsed from the full report above for convenience. (Original source.)

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