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Posts published in “Continuum of Care”

72 hours: Inside San Diego County’s mental health crisis – a series by San Diego Union Tribune

The San Diego Union Tribune (SDUT) spent over one year with dozens of journalists working to create this report on San Diego County’s emergency response system as it relates to people in behavioral health crisis. Here is an index of links to all of the individual parts of this series. 72 Hours: Inside San Diego County’s mental health crisis –…

Crisis on the Horizon: Mental Health and Substance Abuse

We are on a cliffs-edge in regards to San Diego County resident’s building mental health and substance abuse issues we are going to face. People already getting treatment and services before Covid-19, then suddenly stopping or drastically reducing receiving those services, will be an important cohort to regain. The Covid-19 pandemic itself is wreaking havoc on people’s anxiety levels leading…

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