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Posts published in “Training & Education”

Webinar – Focus: MHSA & Advisory Boards: Improving CPP & Budgeting Processes

This webinar will focuses on two primary topics including 1) the duty of the BHAB to ‘review and approve’ the Community Program Planning (CPP) processes deployed by the county, and 2) to understand the budget draft including $200m of Unspent Funds.

BHAB members need training!

Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) Member Training Regrettably, a significant number, if not most, of BHAB board members have not yet received advisory board training provided by the California Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions (CALBHBC) [i]. This training is provided annually in January of each year. CALBHBC could provide such training virtually or locally for under $1k. Local Ethics Training…

Community MHSA Training – Don’t Miss!

It’s great to see the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) launching two get-to-know-the-MHSA training sessions over the next week. Do you feel engaged? I sat on the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) for six years (and the Alcohol & Other Drug Advisory Board for several years prior) and even I and many of my peers didn’t feel engaged. It’s a problem.…

What would we teach long-term Community Stakeholders?

The MHSA Community Program Planning (CPP) processes include provisions and funding to train community stakeholders so that they can in turn give more informed feedback. What topics could we cover to get stakeholders up to speed? For starters how about: Types and characteristics of mental disorders (or illness) – conditions that affect your thinking, feeling, mood, and behavior. [NAMI, MedLine,…

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