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Focus on Topics

This is a dynamic post that will be updated periodically. We’ll update the post date above whenever significant edits have been made.

These are the topics we will be exploring. Although the primary example I use is the San Diego County Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB), this information may be useful to any body focused on the behavioral and physical health of it’s clients.

Questions, Issues & Challenges

  1. Critical Issues – BHAB missed opportunities to engage on issues like:
    1. Completed suicides and attempts – increasing rate
    2. Inmate suicides – highest big-county rate statewide?
    3. Hepatitis A – sickening 500+, killing 20
    4. Homelessness – leadership, counts, children
    5. North County psychiatric beds – surprising stakeholders
    6. MSHA Spending – Spent down $125m+ w/o BHAB engagement
  2. Systemic Issues
    1. BHAB – Lack of Advisory Board authority, funding, access, abilities
    2. Communications – Lack of consistent stakeholder messaging
    3. Budget & Staffing – Ballooning budget and staff
    4. Data – Lack of procurement and outcome data
    5. Feedback Loop – Lack of stakeholder critical feedback
  3. Solutions in Play Without BHAB Meaningful Engagement
    1. DA Blueprint – Criminal justice managing client mental health
    2. Consultant Engagement – Lack of Consultant & BHAB engagement
    3. Community Engagement – No community engagement plan

Do you have an idea or a topic you want us to explore? Let us know by contacting us – anonymously if you prefer.

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