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Guest Posts

You are invited to submit your articles, ideally between 300-750 words, to share your perspective on individual posts or issues related to the greater needs and opportunities of California’s mental health systems. Comments are welcome on most all posts as well!

Ideas for posts include:

  • How is your county addressing the challenges and opportunities discussed here?
  • How is your Advisory Board engaging effectively with stakeholders, especially consumers and your Board of Supervisors?
  • Does your county BHS create a Community Program Plan (CPP) detailing their stakeholder engagement processes and does your Advisory Board participate in its creation as well as review and approve it prior to initiating the proposed strategies?
  • As a mental health or substance use disorder consumer or family member do you believe your county is serving your needs adequately? Could they do better?
  • What programs, services, or opportunities does your county address effectively and how can we learn more?

These are just ideas. We’d love to hear your perspective on how we can all improve our mental health and substance use disorder programs, services, and outcomes.

If you have any questions prior to submitting just contact us. Thank you!

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