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Let’s Collaborate! Improving BHS Planning, Outcome, & Feedback Cycles

Last updated on August 19, 2021

  1. Let’s Collaborate! Improving BHS Planning, Outcome, & Feedback Cycles
  2. The Current BHS Planning Process & Timeline Cycle is Broken
  3. If the BHS & BHAB Planning Calendar Went to Rehab it Could Look Like This
  4. BHAB and BHS Planning & Engagement Processes – An Update

This report has been updated and that report can be found here.

Note: For the record I do understand this report bumps around a bit insofar as how I assembled various areas of concern and their components. I also recognize the diagram illustrating a proposed timeline of planning events is not ideal.

The point I was trying to make is that the existing timeline is beyond dysfunctional. This is a suggestion of the logic or ordering those activities to integrate or replace current processes.

I have set this report down and picked it up dozens of times over the last 45 days. I have a lot of personal and emotional connection to the work I thought I was contributing to within the BHAB of the San Diego County BHS. Unfortunately I have been naive, and every day my concerns grow about what is becoming more apparent – that the systems in place are intentionally designed to allow a few people in county leadership to control what, when, and how we spend the nearly $900m+ annually in the areas of behavioral health.

That’s not how the MHSA was designed. I am intent on addressing that conflict with anyone interested in serving those that are mentally sick, addicted, homeless, incarcerated, or victims of the same, and especially anyone abused through neglect or mistreatment in our various ‘systems of care’.

So, please forgive any disorganization. This challenge is formidable, there is much to be done. That will take people willing to stand up and speak up. We are not alone.

~Jerry Hall

The current configuration of how the San Diego County Behavioral Health Services (BHS) plans, reports, and provides opportunities for collaboration, including consistent meaningful contributions from a wide range of stakeholders, is dysfunctional.

This analysis attempts to address those challenges, suggests opportunities for change, and ideally will initiate conversations about other related elements not mentioned here.

We look forward to progress, especially at a time when system-design changes are being developed and deployed with little to no ‘outsider’ input.

If we truly want to ensure equity in our behavioral health systems we must leave the doors open for everyone to contribute, not only for those that are convenient to hear.

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v.2 7/21/2021 Slight formatting and typographical edits have been made to this version, including publishing as a PDF.

7/21/2021 Original Document

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