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MHSOAC Community Program Planning Processes – Promising CPP Practices

Last updated on May 17, 2023

California’s Mental Health Services Accountability and Oversight Commission (MHSOAC) were determined to evaluate the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) requirements relating to the Community Program Planning (CPP) processes. They sought to learn how California counties are meeting their responsibilities to successfully and meaningfully engage their stakeholder community.

2014 MHSOAC Staff Analysis
Staff Analysis of Deliverable 5 (summary report)
Deliverable 6 (promising practices) Fact Sheet (one pager)
Executive Summary

MHSA Community Program Planning (CPP) Processes – Draft Evaluation Plan
MHSA CPP Evaluation and Curriculum Development Executive Summary | Technical Evaluation Report
Deliverable 4: Report of Other Public Community Planning Processes
Deliverable 5: Summary Report of Results from Data Analysis and Evaluation
Deliverable 6: Final Report of Promising CPP Process Practices

Related California Code
Welfare and Institutions Code (WIC), Div 5. Community MH Services, Part 2. Bronzan-McCorquodale Act
California Code of Regulations | 9 CCR § 3300.Community Program Planning Process

Related Reports

MHSOAC Innovation Incubator Systems Analysis Project (2020) Re: Providers and the CPP

Mental Health Services Act | State Auditor (2012)

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