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Public Comment – BHAB Inability to do our work

Last updated on May 10, 2021

August 4, 2020
Public Comment
Board of Supervisors
County of San Diego

Good morning Chairman Cox and Members of the Board.

My name is Jerry Hall. Although I serve on the Behavioral Health Advisory Board, I am here speaking as an individual.

I am concerned that our Advisory Board is unable to do it’s job because of systemic challenges which effectively handcuff us in our ability to follow state law and do our job.

This citizen’s Advisory Board mandated by state law to focus on Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder programs and services.

Our primary responsibilities are:

1. Ensuring stakeholders, from clients to subject matter experts, meaningfully participate in the planning process.

2. Review and evaluate the community’s public mental health needs, services, facilities.

3. Review and make recommendations on any related county agreements and outcome data.

[Unspoken note: Recent legislation to the Welfare & Institutions Code (WIC) reinstated our authority through AB1352.]

I encourage the Board of Supervisors and County Counsel to address why the Behavioral Health Advisory Board is being prevented from doing our work.

We are a group of subject matter experts that live and work in the community, and many of us have our own lived experiences in mental health and substance abuse disorder issues personally and our families. We interface with myriad individuals, organizations, and programs that are facing greater challenges than ever.

To anyone listening – you have a vehicle to be heard more consistently but, you have not been given that clear opportunity.

Please see to learn more.

Thank you very much.

This is a public comment made as an individual to the Board of Supervisors, relating to Item #1.

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