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Public Comment – Getting our act together

Last updated on May 15, 2023

August 5, 2021

Public Comment submitted by Jerry Hall, former BHAB Member (read by staff into record).

Good afternoon Board Chair Judith, Board Chair Fletcher, Members, Staff and Guests.

On July 21st I emailed a proposal to several stakeholders in the hope that it would spur the BHAB and BHS to collaborate on creating an updated process for key BHAB roles relating to stakeholder engagement opportunities throughout the year and the related BHS planning, budgeting, and outcomes analysis activities.

Please see this report, updated actual vs. proposed process and timing illustrations, and more at

In part, the document illustrated that:

  1. BHS presented, and the Board of Supervisors adopted, the fiscal-year 2021-22 budget this past May and June.
  2. At today’s meeting, months later, BHS is releasing the FY2021-22 MHSA Plan and Update for BHAB and public review. Yet, we are already months into the fiscal year.
  3. BHS sets its goals for the current fiscal year using the Quality and Improvement Work Plans for Mental Health and SUD.  Yet, those plans won’t be distributed until November or December, nearly halfway into the fiscal year, and after you review and approve the plan.

There are many other examples of the mistiming of key BHAB and stakeholder involvement opportunities. Doesn’t this effectively render our and other stakeholder’s participation ceremonial?

We can fix this. But it’s not going to happen without you stepping up.

I’m speaking today through this comment, to ask that we have this discussion and develop a plan before the Board Retreat so that you can ensure BHAB is plugged in to the actual fiscal year’s planning and budgeting process. Most importantly, in doing so you will help those we are responsible for ensuring have a voice are not silenced any longer.

Thank you very much!

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