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If the BHS & BHAB Planning Calendar Went to Rehab it Could Look Like This

Last updated on July 26, 2021

  1. Let’s Collaborate! Improving BHS Planning, Outcome, & Feedback Cycles
  2. The Current BHS Planning Process & Timeline Cycle is Broken
  3. If the BHS & BHAB Planning Calendar Went to Rehab it Could Look Like This
  4. BHAB and BHS Planning & Engagement Processes – An Update

Here is a example of the elements and stages of plan and budget development for the San Diego County Behavioral Health System (BHS) and the intersections of major stakeholders internally, within the autonomous Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB), and from the larger community of stakeholders.

The diagram is more current than the narrative below. That narrative was intended to better detail the processes and challenges and to suggest solutions.

Acronyms & Terms

BHAB Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB)

BHS Behavioral Health Services

BOS Board of Supervisors

CAO Chief Administrative Officer

Councils BHS oriented councils

CPP Community Program Planning (CPP) annual processes and plan

FYQ – Fiscal Year Quarter – San Diego County Budget and Fiscal Year periods:
FYQ1 (Jul-Sep), FYQ2 (Oct-Dec), FYQ3 (Jan-Mar), FYQ4 (Apr-Jun)

HHSA Health and Human Services Agency, San Diego County

MH Mental Health

MHSA Three-Year Plan/UpdateMHSA required plan of BHS programs and services for next 3-year period with annual updates

Q&I Evaluations Quality & Improvement Evaluations

QIWP Quality & Improvement Work Plan

OP Operating Plan & Budget (Goals, Recommended and Adopted Plan and Budget)

SUD Substance Use Disorder (SUD)

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