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Help improve your local BHAB.

For nearly a decade, I have put in thousands of hours working to champion progress towards a better Behavioral Health System here in San Diego County, and have especially championed more and better stakeholder engagement, and spending down an excessive Unspent Funds balance. I have always worked to speak up for people like me with lived experience with mental health challenges, and especially for my neighbors and fellow San Diegans oftentimes overlooked.

I continue working with the Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB) but, nowadays, advocacy is in the form of 1-3 minute public comments since I’ve been removed from the BHAB, I am certain for being too squeaky of a wheel. It wasn’t for lack of work, and no doubt the hope was I would waft away, the status quo preserved. On the contrary. I continue participating and attend as many BHAB Executive, General, and committee meetings as possible. And, I continue doing the research, advocacy, and reporting you see on this site and behind the scenes on at statewide level.

Your help gives me the opportunity to keep plugging away, working to reform not only our local BHAB but, ideally shaping a model other BHAB’s across California will emulate.


As always, if you have any questions please feel free and ask away!

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