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I have done the work of championing progress towards widespread stakeholder engagement, especially for those oftentimes overlooked and under-represented, over the years on a volunteer basis and without complaint.

Sadly, the BHAB seat I served was filled with another volunteer in April 2021 – which is a teaching moment I hope to share another day. The good news is that replacement is that of a woman of color, who I believe could be a great voice for others I could not possibly represent as well.

What is important is that I now have a much more limited opportunity to work within the BHAB, which greatly reduces my opportunity to continue to contribute at that higher level, as I am now restrained to the two-minute public comment period, (an opportunity that may be on the chopping block soon, and yet another story), and at the committee level.

That said, I believe the work you see on this website wouldn’t be getting done if it weren’t for an overwhelming desire to improve our local and statewide mental health systems. We all know there needs to be improvements, and we all know it’s tough to stand up and speak up. I will raise my voice but, could always use a little help. I’ve been speaking up since being a teen and I certainly intend to advocate for the underserved until the day I die.

To that end, hopefully more time advocating and not the latter, and to empower me to stay engaged and involved enough to keep this site moving forward, anything you can contribute towards keeping me in this orbit is appreciated.

If you have any questions please feel free and ask away!

Thank you!

~ Jerry

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