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Update: Issue Resolution Process

Last updated on May 10, 2021

On September 2, 2020 – nearly eight months ago – I filed a complaint following the procedures outlined in our county’s MHSA Issue Resolution Process. I have still only received a letter after three months acknowledging the complaint.

I get it. I can be a PITA sometimes. The point however is that in order to file any concerns with the state about our local BHS one must go through the its issue resolution process in their home county first.

I see a broken system. Perhaps I’m wrong. What I do believe is that our BHS has been operating for too long with little to no transparency. I’ve always been taught that’s not how government was designed to work.

Here’s the original filing and the acknowledgement three months later. now it’s another three months.

This is the response to a volunteer for a department that spends nearly $800m tax dollars annually. I have to say, I honestly wonder how many other things have they ignored.

Where’s the accountability?

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