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Webinar – Focus: MHSA & Advisory Boards: Improving CPP & Budgeting Processes

Last updated on May 15, 2023

Watch the presentation here. Deck and documents found below.

The Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) requires counties collaborate meaningfully with stakeholders throughout the year to evaluate, plan, and budget how they will spend future fiscal year allocations.
This Three-Year Annual Plan and Expenditure report, and updated annually, outlines how the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) department will allocate MHSA Mental Health Funds over each of the next three fiscal years.

The Behavioral Health Advisory Board (BHAB), acting as advisors to the Board of Supervisors, have a number of duties in their purview revolving around how the BHS engages the community of stakeholders in the evaluation, planning, and budgeting processes.

This webinar will focuses on two primary topics including 1) the duty of the BHAB to ‘review and approve’ the Community Program Planning (CPP) processes deployed by the county, with related recommendations developed by state oversight agencies and 2) to better understand the planned budget which is currently drafted to not utilize a projected $200m in unspent MHSA funds throughout the next fiscal year.

The purpose of this webinar is to share, for your consideration, perspectives that do not fully align with the existing narrative and processes. These perspectives are offered by a former BHAB member, Jerry Hall, who in that capacity, received multiple trainings, and who has been blogging on the topic for several years at Although he has been diligently working to reorient our local BHS, BHAB, and BOS towards a more deliberative, inclusive, and collaborative level of communication and engagement, that effort will be more fruitful as more stakeholders come to understand the opportunities.

Post-Event Documents


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